When you contact us to book a pubcrawl we will give you advice regarding what is hot in the city and pick a route designed to make your event as successful as possible.

Pubcrawls most commonly meet at the first bar at 8PM and leave at 9PM however this can be adjusted to suit your event.

You stay approximately 1 hour at each bar and travel time between bars is approximately 20 minutes depending on location.

Yes, you need government issued photo ID for every stop on the pubcrawl.

Buses are not licensed so you are unable to have drinks on board. If you want to drink while driving from bar to bar you can book one of our limo crawls which are licensed!

Drink specials are determined by the bars included in the crawl. Canada Crawls does not determine drink prices.

To finalize your booking, please contact us between the hours of 10am and 8pm daily at 780-937-7748, and we will help you plan the perfect night out! No buses or party hosts are booked until payment is received in full, either by bringing cash to our offices downtown or by providing credit card information over the phone.